Internal Regulation



Welcome to TM Luxury Apartments

In order to ensure that we are serving you the best way we can, we are hereby introducing you to our internal regulations.  We hope the following pages will give you all the basic information you need to know about your stay with us.

TM Luxury Apartments offers free of charge a series of curtesy gifts, wishing all customers a good and pleasant stay.

  1. Welcome Drink
  2. Free bed for a child up to 10 years of age
  3. Garage space for one car per apartment (excluding large vehicles)


Check in

1.1) Check-in takes place between 16:00h and 19:00h.

1.2) At TM Luxury Apartments, employees are not authorized to complete check-in without advance payment, or by presenting proof of booking and purchase through our website or online booking platforms, with whom we have an current contract agreement.

1.3) When registering or booking, the guest must identify himself or herself and provide the receptionist with his identification document (valid citizen card and/or passport).

1.4) At check-in, you will be given a code/key to access the apartment you rented and one for the building.

1.5) In the event you lose the code/key, you must go to reception and report the incident immediately so that the code/key is cancelled.  For your safety and security a new code/key will be issued and given to you. If a physical key is requested by the client, a deposit of €100 will be required. This deposit will be returned to you when you handle the key back to us at check-out. Such deposit may be held back if the key has been misplaced or lost.

1.6) To access the garage space, an electronic key fob will be provided, which must be requested/informed at the time of booking/check-in. This service is free of charge, however, a deposit of €100 will be required, which will be returned when the key fob is given back to us at check-out, such deposit may be held back if the key fob has been misplaced or lost.

1.7) For assistance in cases of emergency, you may call the contacts provided at reception, or refer to those listed on the document we placed inside your apartment.

1.8) Upon check-in, the customer must present a valid credit card to make the payment for the reservation and/or any other items and extra expenses occurring during your stay. No contactless payments done by card or phone are allowed.

1.9) Any change to the timing and schedule set by your reservation must be justified and requested.

2.0) The municipal tourist tax will be applied, the rate is applied per overnight stay and per guest, over the age of thirteen, who stays in tourist developments up to a limit of 7 nights per stay. The fee is €2 per overnight stay, maximum 7 nights per person and stay. Note: this value can be changed by municipal decree.




2.1) Check-out will take place between 9:00h and 11:00h.

2.2) On the departure day, the apartments must be vacated of guests and goods by 11 am.

2.3) in special occasions and for justified reasons, we may provide check-out at another time which needs to be requested in advance, upon check-in.

2.4) Upon check-out, the client must pay all amounts of the services that he or she may have received during his or her stay.

2.5) Together with the client, we will run a physical check of the accommodation to ensure it has been left in the same condition in which it was found by the client at check-in.




3.1) In consideration of mutual respect and understanding for all customers, we ask that special attention be given to maintain silence in public areas and corridors, as most of our customers come here to have a restful stay.

3.2) QUIET TIME starts at 10:00 PM. After this hour, NO activities involving noise that may disturb the other guests of TM Luxury Apartments are permitted (Decree-Law No. 292/2000 of November 14 [1])




4.1) Any damage committed voluntarily in the hotel by the guests will be charged to the corresponding valid credit card, which he or she provided at check-in.

4.2) TM Luxury Apartments, reserves the right to take the necessary legal measures, to recover any costs resulting from damages caused by guests within the hotel development.




5.1) A complaints book is provided by TM LUXURY APARTMENTS which is available at both the complex (in print) and online.

5.2) We appreciate and request that, in the event of a complaint, the employee, the time of the occurrence and the reason for the complaint is identified.



Safety and Security

6.1) TM Luxury Apartments will not be responsible for any money, jewelry or other valuables that may be lost from the interior of each guest’s apartment. We offer safekeeping storage of valuables for guests. Guests can request this service at reception and provide the list of valuables requiring safekeeping storage.

6.2) The deposit and storage of luggage is guaranteed and must be requested at reception. Guests will be provided with a luggage slip with reference number of their luggage, for a maximum period of 6 hours. Beyond that time, a surcharge will apply.  At this time, a written and signed record of the contents of the baggage must be declared.

6.3) Security is very important for TM Luxury Apartments, it is essential to maintain the main access doors to the Building closed at all times. Guests must ensure that their apartment doors are properly closed each time they leave their units.

“Caring for each one’s safety is safety for all”

6.5) Only registered guests are permitted to stay in the apartments. It is not allowed the stay of anyone who are not part of the guest list of TM Luxury Apartments.

6.6) Clients are not permitted to have special guests staying overnight with them in their tourist apartment if they are not part of their registration.




7.1) Without prejudice to the above and the general rules on tourist accommodation, the following is not permitted within the premises of TM Luxury Apartments:

  1. a) Smoking or vaping.
  2. b) Change or alter the layout of the apartments.
  3. c) Leave trash in common and private areas.
  4. d) Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages inside TM Luxury Apartments.
  5. e) Pets are not allowed inside TM Luxury Apartments facilities.
  6. f) The use of a mask inside the enterprise complex is mandatory. This is in effect throughout the pandemic and for as long as its use is the mandatory stipulation of our country is by law.
  7. g) Guests are not permitted to remove any decorative object or any of those for the exclusive use of the apartment, under penalty of being civilly and criminally liable. A detailed list with an inventory of the goods, furnishings, contents and utensils assigned to the apartment is available/posted in each apartment.



Breakfast service

8.1) At TM Luxury Apartments there is currently no breakfast service provided. However, you can request a breakfast service the day before, using the menu and price list that we provided you in your apartment. Your order will be filled by an external supplier and delivered to your apartment upon payment.



Promotions and other offers

9.1) TM Luxury Apartments makes available through its website, various information about current events, offers and promotions.

  1. a) Offers and promotions are temporary, and are subject to specific conditions as defined and described.



Hygiene and cleaning service

10.1) The cleaning of TM Luxury Apartments is done whenever requested, at an additional cost, as described in the services price list displayed at the reception.

  1. a) In addition, the apartment will be cleaned and sanitized after check out of the current occupants before new guests move in.

10.2 Apartment cleaning is dependent on the number of days of stay, namely:

  1. a) No cleaning service is provided for stays of “Up to 2 days”.
  2. b) For stays of “Up to 4 days”, an intermediate cleaning service will be carried out at mid term, not including cleaning of the kitchen.
  3. c) For stays of “Up to 6 days”, cleaning will be performed every two days, which we consider to considered as intermediate cleaning, not including cleaning of the kitchen.
  4. d) For “Up to 8 days of stay”, cleaning will be carried out every two days, we consider to considered as intermediate cleaning, not including cleaning of the kitchen.

From the tenth day onwards, a full cleaning will be carried out, including the kitchen. From the 12th day onwards, the cleaning described in item a) will be carried out again.

  1. e) For stays longer than 7 days, the guest can request, at no additional cost, clean sheets and towels that will be delivered after picking up the used ones.
  2. f) Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, with a view to guaranteeing the hygiene and health conditions of all customers, TM Luxury Apartments reserves the right to check the conditions and cleanliness of the apartment of the customers at least every second week. This inspection applies for stays longer than 5 days or more, for which a certified employee must enter the interior of the apartment for verification.

g) For stays longer than 7 nights, an inspection of the current conditions of the accommodation is carried out. If in this inspection the accommodation is found to be in failing conditions due to lack of hygiene, misconduct, damage or neglect, the management may interrupt will the stay, not allowing the client to continue his or her tenancy in the apartment. In this case the client not be given the right for compensation.




11.1) Reservations can be made by phone, email, through the website or in person and through partners listed on the website. These are subject to availability.

11.2) The specific rules and guidelines associated with reservations are defined by the TM Luxury Apartments Reservation Policy



Common Areas

12.1) The rules and regulations that govern the use of common areas are posted in the apartments and at the reception.

12.2) Failure to comply with the rules and regulations set forth herein, are subject to the sanctions specified in this regulation, in whatever form they apply (damage, safety, prohibition and/or other).

  1. a) In situations that are not specified in this regulation, the legislation applicable to tourist apartments will be used.

[1] With the changes introduced by Decree-Law no. 259/2002 of 23 November, it revised the General Regulation on Noise approved by Decree-Law no. 251/87 of 24 June.

According to article 1, this regulation has as its object the prevention of noise and the control of noise pollution, with a view to safeguarding the health and well-being of populations and which applies to neighborhood noise and noisy activities, whether permanent or temporary, which are likely to cause disturbance to others.

Pursuant to paragraphs e) and f), the daytime period, which runs from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, and the night period, which runs from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am, are referenced as periods for noise assessment.